Tally On Cloud

Tally On Cloud

NT provide the Tally on Cloud services with 100% safe & secure.

Tally on Cloud server is the best solutions for Access your Tally any time and anywhere with 100% safe & secure.

Features are Access from anywhere any time, Local Printers support, Local Backup, support Any Device, Secured Tally Data and Tech Support

You manage your business while we take care of your IT requirements NT Tally on Cloud not only provides tally on cloud but also other important services Cloud VPS, Enterprises Cloud and Dedicated Server

Tally On Cloud Features

Access From Anywhere any time

Your can Access from Office, Branch and Home etc.

Local Backup

Get your Data back in local system or on Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox etc.

Secured Tally Data

TGIS Tally on Cloud take your data back in every 4 hrs.

Local Printers

Tally On Cloud Supports Local printer

Any Device

Run Tally from Windows, Mac, Linux and anytime, anywhere

Tech Support

TGIS team is available 24*7 for your support


Dedicated Server 🖥️

We provide the best single & Multi user Tally on Cloud services with 100% safe and secure.

NT is fast and secure with 99.95 % uptime guarantee. NT tech expert are available 24x7 for so support if any issue with server connection.

NT Dedicated server help all small to large businesses in their day-to-day operations In the time of pandemic most of the businesses are working from Home using dedicated server, you can run your business with the help of dedicated server