Digital Signature

Digital Signature in Tally

Digital Signature in tally is a solution for our clients, where they can have GST Compliant business according to their needs. Clients can sign their Tally Invoice, Sales, Purchase, Credit Note, Sales order digitally.

For solving the queries of our clients we have developed the TDL file of Digital Signature in Tally.
Digital Signature in Tally
Digital Signature in Tally

Why Digital Signature ?

• Provide protection and authencity to business.
• Always preferable digitally signed invoices than printed copies.
• Easy to make delivery over emails.
• Changeable document i.e. if you are making any changes your previous digitally signed document will become automatically invalid.
• Easy to Access in just few steps.

How to run Digital Signature in Tally (TDL Solution)

1.Generate GST Invoices in Tally like Sales, Receipts etc.

2.Install Digital Signature TCP File and you will get new Buttons for “Digital Signature” and will Email Digital Signature on voucher screen.

3.Make sure Digital Signature Certificates is valid and DSC Token (PROX Key) is connected with system.

4.Enter DSC Login PIN on pop-up screen and click on accept button.

5.Now Digitally Signed PDF is created successfully.

6.Add-On has the option to e-mail the same directly on voucher screen.

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